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Benefits of the Program

The Respiratory Therapy Integrated Bachelor’s to Master’s Degree Program combines practical, hands-on experience from traditional undergraduate coursework with graduate coursework, some of which is on-line learning. Georgia State University has had a long and prestigious history of educating health professionals in the field of respiratory therapy. Once you’ve earned a degree in Respiratory Therapy you can being working in the field immediately. Take advantage of Georgia State University’s excellent reputation in health care and get hands-on clinical experience in world renowned health institutions, including Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Emory University Hospital.

Career Opportunities

There is a lot of diversity in the field of Respiratory Therapy. Many RTs work in hospitals, in Intensive Care Units, Neonatal Units, the Operating Room, the Emergency Department or the Pulmonary Function Lab. Respiratory Therapists may also bring their skills into the community where they work in home care, long term care or rehabilitation facilities. Industry also looks for RTs in sales, manufacturing and research development.

As with many health care fields, aging baby boomers will increase the demand for Respiratory Therapists. Elderly patients suffer most from respiratory ailments and cardiopulmonary diseases such as pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and heart disease. In addition, advances in treating victims of heart attacks, accident victims, and premature infants (many of whom are dependent on a ventilator during part of their treatment) will increase the demand for the services of respiratory care practitioners.



The Georgia State University Integrated Bachelor’s to Master’s program is a two year, full time degree program.  Admission is for fall semester only.

Student selection is based on: minimum 3.0 overall grade point average, science GPA, GRE scores (300 minimum), consistency of academic performance, grade trends, and interpersonal abilities.  Attend a mandatory faculty advisement seminar.

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