Graduate Degree Master of Science

The Department of Respiratory Therapy offers a Master of Science in Health Sciences degree, with a specialization in respiratory care, to prepare future faculty in the profession, as well as advanced clinical practitioners.

The Master of Science degree with a concentration in respiratory care offers the opportunity for credentialed and experienced practitioners to obtain an advanced level of knowledge in the technical area of respiratory care. The program also is intended to provide the ability, knowledge and skills for continued scholarly inquiry within the discipline of respiratory care.

Specific program objectives are:

  • to enhance the ability to perform in the clinical site at an advanced level and assist physicians in clinical respiratory care.
  • to produce a graduate able to perform as faculty in vocational/technical schools, AS and BS degree respiratory care programs.
  • to develop the ability to examine the scientific basis of respiratory care procedures and evaluate technology used in respiratory care.


Degree Requirements Apply  

Student selection is based on: minimum 3.0 overall grade point average, science GPA, GRE scores (300 minimum), consistency of academic performance, grade trends, and interpersonal abilities.

For GRE waiver click on the following link: GRE Waiver.

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