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The Bachelor of Science Respiratory Therapy curriculum is a five semester course of study beyond the first two years of the undergraduate curriculum. Because of its professional nature, students apply for admission into the program and are formally admitted at the beginning of the fall semester of their junior year.


Prior to admission to the program, students must complete the core curriculum. Ranking for admission is competitive, based on academic record. Student selection is based on: overall grade point average, science GPA, consistency of academic performance, grade trends and interpersonal abilities. Class size is limited to availability at clinical sites.

Additional Information

Application Deadline: May 1st

Degree Requirements Apply 

To be admitted, students must:

  1. Have a minimum GPA of 2.5 or higher
  2. Complete all prerequisite general education curriculum course work with a grade of C or better (75 average or higher)
  3. Attend a mandatory faculty advisement seminar
  4. Submit a formal application
  5. Complete the TEAS Allied Health Exam (Spring of 2015)

In addition to the general curriculum for the freshman and sophomore years, the Division of Respiratory Therapy requires the following specific courses:

  1. a two-course survey of chemistry
  2. elementary statistics
  3. two courses of human anatomy and physiology
  4. introductory physics or RT 2011 “Application of Physical Principles in Healthcare” offered at Georgia State University (this course will be offered in the spring and summer semester beginning spring semester 2015)
  5. microbiology and public health
  6. SNHP 2010 Medical Terminology
  7. Math 1111 (College Algebra) is strongly encouraged to be completed in Area A
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