Frequently Asked Questions (Undergraduate)

If you are a current GSU student you must attend a mandatory faculty advisement seminar, complete AREAS A-F, take the Allied Health TEAS exam and apply by the March 1st deadline which includes an essay on why you are interested in the BS RT program. If you are a transfer student you must be accepted to GSU as an undergraduate transfer student before you can apply to the BS RT program. Once you are accepted your transfer credit will be articulated by undergraduate admissions to determine if you have met AREAS A-F. Please visit this link to view the BS RT curriculum and AREA A-F.
The BS RT program only accepts for the Fall of each year.
Applications are accepted Jan 1st each year and the deadline is March 1st. The TEAS exam should be taken By March at the latest.
Respiratory Therapy chair and faculty members
Your program GPA (AREAS A-F), your TEAS score and your essay.
. If you have never attended college at minimum 4 years. If you have transfer credit at minimum 2 years depending on the courses that transfer.
The TEAS exam and program GPA are strong predictors of how successful a student will be in the BS RT program and therefore are significant factors in determining admissions in addition to the essay.
You must follow the application procedures to apply as an international transfer student. Please visit this link for more detailed instructions. After you are admitted to GSU as an international transfer student you must complete the BS RT application, TEAS exam and attend a mandatory faculty advisement seminar.
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