Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a requirement for all Respiratory Therapy applicants applying to the undergraduate program, including those with degrees and transfer applicants. The TEAS is a four hour test that consists of math, reading, science and English and language usage questions. There are currently 170 questions; all questions are multiple choice. Georgia State University offers the paper and pencil version of the TEAS. We will only accept TEAS version 5.0. Applicants planning to take the TEAS at Georgia State University must take it on one of the testing dates listed below. The TEAS may also be taken off-campus. See instructions for taking the exam off-campus below. Be sure to read all information below thoroughly, and print the TEAS registration brochure.

Registration and Fees

The TEAS test dates are:

Feburary 28th 9:00 am location Langdale Hall
March 21st 9:00 am Location Langdale Hall

How to Register

Only currently enrolled Georgia State University students or applicants to Georgia State University should be registering to take the TEAS at Georgia State University. All fees associated with the TEAS are non-refundable and the dates are non-transferable.

The cost to register for an exam at Georgia State University is $70.00. You must register at least 14 days prior to the testing date. You may only pay using a debit or credit card. Please visit http://www.atitesting.com/ to register or call 1-800-667-7531.

At the time of registration, you must indicate the school where you want your scores to be mailed. Scores will not be mailed to Georgia State automatically.

Please visit http://www.atitesting.com/ for a list a FAQ’s, study manual, and online practice.

Applicant Instructions

Score comparisons must be done by the applicant before submitting the application packet. The first score received by the Department of Respiratory Therapy will be applied to the application for review. TEAS scores are valid for one year, however test version is subject to change.

How to Study/Minimum Requirements

The TEAS is a crucial component in your nursing application. Therefore, you should prepare thoroughly for the exam. Study manuals are available directly from Assessment Technologies Institute LLC, the publisher of the exam. You may order ATI’s study guide through their website at http://www.atitesting.com/ or purchase it in most bookstores. Other standard review guides are also available in most bookstores.

The Department of Respiratory Therapy evaluates TEAS scores comprehensively with other critical components of your RT application. Admission is based upon a point system and space availability. Satisfaction of the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. Students with higher points are given preference.


Please report to either Langdale Hall of Classroom South on the specific dates and times.  Langdale Hall (formally known as General Classroom Building) is located at 38 Peachtree Center Avenue on the Georgia State University campus at the corner of Decatur Street and Peachtree Street.  Classroom South Building is located at the corner of Decatur Street and Central Ave SW on the campus of Georgia State University and it is across from Langdale Hall.  There will be signs posted in the lobby area of Langdale Hall and on the 1st floor of classroom south on the test day directing candidates to their specific testing room.  There will also be someone from the testing center in the hall directing candidates.

Requesting Results

The results of your exam should be mailed to you within two weeks after you complete the exam. ATI will also send one copy of your scores to the school of your choice. If you are a Respiratory Therapy applicant, Georgia State University will not receive your scores automatically. You must request that your scores be sent to Georgia State University at the time of exam registration.

Additional copies of your scores may be requested through Assessment Technologies Institute, Inc. for an additional fee by calling 1-800-677-7531.

Taking the TEAS Off-Campus

Applicants may choose to take the TEAS at another school. The name of the exam must be called the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) and the exam must be published by ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC.). We will only accept TEAS version 5.0.

The first score received by the Department of Respiratory Therapy will be applied to the application for review. TEAS scores are valid for one year.

How to Submit Scores Taken Outside of Georgia State

Scores must be mailed to the Department of Respiratory Therapy directly from the school in which the exam was administered or directly from ATI. Results from other schools must be mailed in the college’s stationary envelope with a signature across the flap. Scores that are included in the application packet or mailed by the student will NOT be accepted.

Results sent from other schools or from ATI must be received no later than the Respiratory Therapy application deadline. Scores must be submitted within the proper application period and must be no more than a year old from the date the application is submitted.

The mailing address for TEAS scores only is: Georgia State University, Byrdine F. Lewis School of Nursing and Health Professions, Department of Respiratory Therapy, Box 4019, Atlanta, Georgia 30302-4019. The RT application packet should be mailed to the address listed on the bottom of the application cover sheet or update form.

Out of State Applicants

You may contact Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC. to find out if the TEAS is offered in your area by calling 1-800-667-7531. Please see instructions above for submitting exams taken at other locations.

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