Testing Out

Bridge Program (A.S. To B.S.) In Respiratory Therapy

Testing-Out of a Course

Students, who are competent in a course area due to experience or previous coursework, may test-out of any course offered with an RT prefix except for RT 4950, Directed Readings, or RT 4990, Special Studies. Students may take a comprehensive (final) course examination by the end of the first week of class. It is suggested that the exam be taken during the first week of class so if the exam is failed, one can attend the regularly scheduled class to complete the course.

To test-out of a course, a student must:

  • Register and pay for the course prior to taking the examination.
  • Show payment receipt to faculty advisor.
  • Obtain the syllabus and other course information from the instructor before the class meets or on the first day of class. Book purchase will be the student’s responsibility.

If a student passes the exam, the grade earned on the exam will be the grade for the course.

Respiratory care courses can be taken in any sequence chosen by the student. The program is self-paced, allowing students to enroll full- or part-time. It is not necessary to register every semester for a class. However, a student is considered inactive after three semesters with no enrollment.

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