Respiratory Therapy

Clearing the Air in Nicaragua

Posted On April 25, 2018

Ten undergraduate and graduate respiratory therapy (RT) students helped rural Nicaraguans breathe a little easier following their first ever RT study abroad trip to San Estaban and a rural village outside of Jinotega, Nicaragua. These students took nine days out of their busy schedules to travel to this remote coffee farming community to assess the… more »

Differences in Sex and Running Ability Influence Declines in Marathon Performance, Study Finds

Posted On March 14, 2017

A person’s sex and running ability play a role in the decline of their performance in marathons as they get older, according to a Georgia State University study.

“We found that marathon performance decline begins at about 35 years old,” said Dr. Gerald Zavorsky, lead author of the study and associate professor in the Department… more »

Class of 2016: Stephanie West – Healthcare Provider and Patient

Posted On May 11, 2016

Stephanie West pursued her integrated bachelor’s and master’s degree in respiratory therapy while undergoing the grueling process of hemodialysis for chronic kidney disease. She credits Georgia State professors for helping her manage her health while she was taking classes. Her roommate also assisted by setting up facetime during course lectures.

“I feel blessed that my… more »

Determining the Effect of Gloves on Microbes in the Lab

Posted On June 1, 2015

The Effect of Wearing and Not Wearing Gloves on Microbial Growth on the Mechanical Ventilator Control Surface, an In-Vitro Study

Rayan Siraj, (M.S., Respiratory Therapy, 2015) noticed numerous clinicians at clinical sites did not wear gloves when carrying out procedures and would subsequently transport microbes from patient to patient. After observing this oversight, Siraj decided… more »

RT Student is a Scholarship Court Volleyball Athlete

Posted On February 3, 2015

NCAA student-athletes assume many roles in their collegiate career, student, athlete, and leader. Respiratory therapy student and court volleyball scholarship player Deidra Bohannon is all three. Bohannon decided to pursue a degree in respiratory therapy following her mother’s health struggles. Heavily impacted by the caregivers who assisted her mother, Bohannon did a little research on… more »

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