Our Strengths

We produce excellence in results

Graduates of our respiratory therapy program typically hold a 100% pass rate on the required professional registration examinations and maintain pass rate averages that are 25% to 35% higher than the national average. Also, in 2015, our program received its third, consecutive Distinguished RRT Credentialing Success Award from the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC).

Our location in downtown Atlanta provides our students with a variety of clinical practice sites. The variety of clinical opportunities improves our students’ post-graduation success, both in finding jobs and passing required licensure examinations. Many students receive job offers from these clinical sites following graduation.

We capitalize on our strengths

Our students’ diverse demographics reflect the various socio-economic, racial and ethnic backgrounds of our community. We educate a population that mirrors the society they will serve. In a collaborative environment, our faculty encourage the students to learn, respect and celebrate what makes each person special and valuable.

We are relevant

Our faculty excel in topics that are key to health care education including aerosol medication delivery research, student lab and clinical simulation, respiratory physiology and health education. Many of our faculty are nationally and internationally recognized for their expertise in a variety of areas of respiratory care.

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